Monday, April 7, 2014

The Rest of the Story....

I wanted to follow up on the story of Agatha and her son.

She left El Nido happy but didn't know what she would expect upon her arrival at home.

Her son saw her first. He yelled at his sister, telling her his mother had a gift for her. Agatha said, "This gift is for you!" He reached for it and looked inside and smiled. He exclaimed, "This is to replace the other one!" She said, "Yes, honey. Will you forgive me for throwing away your other stuffed animal?" He said, "YES!"
They threw their arms around each other.

Agatha said her son has not let go of his new stuffed animal. And even though he's a little older, he still hasn't parted with it. He puts it in his back pack during school. He sleeps and plays with it.

Agatha told me that since we have met, she has also been practicing looking directing into her sons eyes while disciplining or just talking to him. At first, he would look away shyly. But has slowly started looking into her eyes. She said the transformation has been incredible. Not only has she seen the change happen at home but also at school! The teacher has been giving good reports on her son's behavior. Instead of sitting in a corner at school, he now participates along with his classmates.

I am reminded again of what God can do through us when we take a step of humility and ask for forgiveness. But it starts with us. God has our back and helps us in this process, a process that doesn't always come easy but is a commandment.

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