Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Christmas Miracle

200 pounds of literature are coming this way! What a blessing for El Nido to be able to receive this. This will enable us to share God’s love to so many women that need Him.

At the beginning of November, I, along with our VIDA220 team, was privileged to attend a Crisis Pregnancy training course that was offered by an organization called Beautiful Feet International. And even though I have worked at a Crisis Pregnancy Center already many years ago, the information was so helpful. We all came away ready and excited to start!

I learned that even though a lot of abortions are never counted for, abortion procedures are being done more than one sees on the “outside.” I am anticipating that working in a university setting I will find young women that would consider an abortion quicker than others due to pursuing a career.

While some of the representatives from Beautiful Feet International were visiting Costa Rica, I was able to sit down with them and share my testimony and my calling to start a Pregnancy Center in Heredia, as well, as dream about future centers. I have decided to join with Beautiful Feet International as an organization that will help me get started as well as provide accountability and encouragement for the ministry.

Melissa (Director of Beautiful Feet) and I 

 Since my new adventure has started, I have enjoyed sitting back and just letting and watching God work. I heard God telling me from the beginning that this will all happen in HIS timing. I just have to be patient. So I have purposed in my mind not to run ahead.

So far, I, along with our VIDA220 team have enjoyed visiting an area called La Cuenca going door to door getting to know the community and finding out what the needs are specifically concerning pregnancy and family issues. I sense an openness to the ministry of El Nido and pray it provides a need.

This week, I, along with a team from Mishawaka, Indiana will be handing out information about El Nido. I am hoping this will bring more awareness of El Nido to the community.

One of the most miraculous things that has just happened is that God has given El Nido its own place! It’s the best Christmas present the Lord gave El Nido! Plans were to share space in our home. We were going to divide our home so that El Nido could have a couple of rooms and share the living room as a waiting room, but God saw things differently. The new base Vida Net will be renting has a house that is perfect for El Nido. So now, El Nido, will have three consultation rooms (where one of them will hold an ultrasound machine being donated), a waiting room, an area for children to play while they wait for their mothers, an office for myself, a baby boutique, two bathrooms and a receptionist office! I am SO happy.

There is a team coming from Ohio coming at the end of January to help me get El Nido ready to open. The house will need to be painted and a few repairs will need to be done, but other than that, it will be ready to move in.

Just recently I heard on the news of a baby with the placenta that was put in garbage bag. A lady waiting at a bus stop heard the sound of a baby crying. She went over to the pile of garbage nearby and to her horror, found the newborn child alive. I cried when I heard this. My heart went out to the mother who for unknown reasons lost hope. And I cried for her baby because of the way her mother, again for unknown reasons, dumped her baby in a garbage pile. This is only one story of a woman that needs God’s love and hope for life. This is the kind of situation that pushes me to do what I’m about to do with El Nido. I know it won’t be easy, but my heart is to reach out to hurting mothers that need God’s healing.

Here are some prayer requests regarding El Nido:
1.       That my donations from the States would all be able to get here.
2.       That I will find the volunteers needed, especially those who will do the counseling.
3.       That God would continue to provide financially for El Nido.
4.       Creativity as to how to attract women to the Center.
5.       Lots of wisdom in decision making.
6.      More donations.

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