Sunday, February 23, 2014

Living God's Dream

Last week, El Nido experienced many firsts. We made our first appointment. We were introduced to our first two clients. We gave out bibs for the babies to be born and shampoos and lotions to the expectant mom's. But best of all we shared God's love with them on a special day, Valentines Day.

But there was a lot to do before all this could happen.I remember six months ago sitting along with my husband, DeLynn and another friend of ours in front of the university wondering where God was going was going to take me to start El Nido. Our target area was close to the university but where? I had no idea. I remember telling God I would be willing to start with a one room, one bathroom place. But one thing I made sure of in my conversation with God and that was telling Him HE was in charge.

To make a long story short, God gave me the perfect place to have El Nido. It turned out to be bigger and much better than I ever imagined. The location was ideal. But there was a lot to be done before I could open. Shortly after we started renting El Nido, we got a call from a group of senior citizens in Plain City, OH that wanted to help with El Nido. Perfect timing! They came and stayed for 10 days and transformed a little house into a beautiful oasis where women and children can come and enjoy God's love through El Nido.

The individuals that did SO much to get El Nido prepared

The mural in the children's play area. On Jesus' face we have placed a mirror symbolizing we have been created in His image. Surrounding Jesus is a boy from Africa, a Costa Rican girl, a girl from Talamanca, a baby from Guatemala (that's me) and two little other little boys that could be from anywhere. 

This the beautiful shelf the group made for me to hold all the literature needed for El Nido. 

This is the painting above my desk. 

This is part of the boutique where the ladies can come a buy their goodies

The is one of the walls in the boutique, the shelves were installed by the group and the birds were sewn by myself and a friend. 

El Nido opened Feburary 14, Valentines Day. I felt like it was an appropriate day to share the love we have with others. We had two clients. The first lady I had been making contact with over several weeks. She is 4 months pregnant and has a little girl, 4 yrs and a little boy 1 1/2 yrs. The second lady is a Christian and at that time, was ready to give birth anytime. She is married and has some older children. It was a joy to have them visit El Nido and we look forward to establishing friendships with them in the future.

After the first afternoon was over, I thanked God for the dream He had given me so many years ago and that I was finally living it! What an incredible feeling! I was able to share this experience with some of the volunteers that have so willing taken up the call and will be helping El Nido in touching many many lives. To celebrate we thanked God and enjoyed some coffee and cupcakes.

Rosario ( left) and Katherine (right)

(left to right) Dina, Elena and Liz 

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