Friday, June 6, 2014

Shadow of Your Wing

Last night I had the most incredible experience, an experience I had never had. I was working at El Nido. Carmelinda, my daughter, came running to me and said, "There is a little bird outside that is having trouble flying." She said she tried to catch it but couldn't and it jumped outside. My rescue mode set in. I ran outside to look for it. As I approached the little bird, my heart broke. His eyes were closed and was sitting in the wet grass with the pouring rain hitting it. As I reached down to touch it he chirped angrily but he let me pick him up. We wrapped him up in a towel and started petting it. He was either shivering or trembling with freight or both. He was so little and cute! I had no idea what kind of bird it was or what to do with it. All I knew was that he needed help.

I took him home and with him I took a nest. When I got home I put him in the nest and in a bird cage. I called my friend, Ken, because I knew he and his wife had rescued birds, so I figured he could pass on some wisdom. First of all we discovered it was a Blue and White Swallow.

Ken told me most likely during the storm he ran into a window and got knocked out. That made sense since in front of El Nido there are some large windows. Ken told me he probably just needed some rest and since it was evening by now, he didn't have any place to go. The best thing for me to do was to get a box, put a towel in it and let him rest and that keeping him the cage was not a good idea because birds can get claustrophobic and can die. He then told me in the morning to take him back to where I found him and set it free. Ken also told me to enjoy the experience. That's exactly what I did!

He was so chill and tame, Carmelinda and I took time to interact with him. He let us pet him, look at his wings, and kiss him. He sat on our fingers and shoulder. It was incredible! I loved every minute!

Then God started speaking to me. I am like that bird. When the storms come my way, I often loose my way. I run into things trying to do things my way until finally I give up. It's then my loving Heavenly Father comes and rescues me with such tenderness. Once He has me "under the shadow of His wings," He takes care of me. He allows me to rest. He restores me. He feeds me. He instructs me. He sings over me. He loves me and so much more. It's through the storms we become stronger. Strong enough to fly again.

As I saw him fly away this morning, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the unique experience God gave me. Thank You God that under your wing I am safe.

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