Thursday, June 15, 2017


I find myself once again with me heart so broken. It literally aches with sorrow, grief and pain. It’s all too familiar. A feeling I fight against. Loosing yet another mom, my third mom. This time it’s my “tica mama.”

She was amazing. She loved me and cared for me with a love that was so selfless. She would have done anything for me at the drop of a hat. She made the best tortillas and the best ride. I could eat the rice just by itself, it was so good. She worried more about DeLynn and I than herself. She would have preferred others to eat than herself.

My little dog Snickers would go straight to the kitchen to see what kind of goodies she would give her for that day. 

The biggest thing we had in common was love for our sweet Dyan. She worried about him until the end. She told me to take care of Dylan and Don Samuel in his od age. She loved and protected Dylan as a mom and a grandma should. She called our family her family.

She loved to sing while cooking in the kitchen, especially her hymns and corritos. She was an amazing cook. She “invented” foods like no other mixing leftovers together.

She loved going to church. If the church wasn’t happy enough she didn’t like it.

She had three children but adopted a multitude of others who call her “mama” including Dylan. She was “mama” to many of our students and staff.  

She was a very strong woman. She delivered babies in the country where there was no doctor. She hid her children in the mountains feeding her children cherries during the war for months.

She was a woman of faith. She was healed from cancer. She loved her heavenly Father and obeyed him as much as she could.

She served our ministry for 10+ years. She did it with all the energy, love and passion she had within her.

But now, like I told Dylan, she is with Jesus flying with the angels.

Hasta luego, Dona Margoth, mi mama linda. 

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