Tuesday, January 13, 2015


As the day of our fiesta arrived I sensed my enthusiasm and joy became greater. I was amazed how God put all the details together. One of the Costa Rican schools, Issac Martin, located in Moravia offered to help by providing gifts for the children and babies, even the babies not even born yet. The students were assigned a child or baby. I felt such an overwhelming heart of gratitude as I picked up the gifts for our fiesta.

Another very special school Communidad Educativa Crecer offered to provide the fiesta. They provided the food, location and games. The director of the school has a special place in her heart for El Nido. There was a special play area for the babies. A beautiful place to eat under the trees. A cute play house equipped with play kitchen supplies. There were swings, slides and a trampoline.

There were 45 women invited along with their children. Almost all of them came. I was so happy to see everyone together along with our volunteers.



Soon after arriving at the party, the teachers of the school along with my staff, provided pancakes for a snack. The pancakes were eaten up in no time!

The children enjoyed and loved every minute! There was so much to do! I spent as much time as I could interacting with the children having tea parties and playing with the cute babies and sitting with my dear friends talking and listening. I was on a high! As I went through the morning my heart was full of joy experiencing God’s goodness. I didn’t want it to end.



Almost, a year ago, God allowed me to start El Nido and allowed it to grow much faster than I anticipated. He provided amazing volunteers to help me. My volunteers have put in countless hours listening to the women of El Nido and praying and believing in them. He provided women that truly want to learn how to be godly mothers. He has provided financially through special people that believe what God wants to do through El Nido. He provided materially for the mothers and children items they would need. Churches and individuals have given diapers, formula, clothing, shoes, games, toys, shampoo, baby powder, thermometers, and on and on. He provided my beautiful friend, Laura to walk along side of me give me a hand with organization and creativity. He gave me a husband that has believed and walked with me 100%. I couldn’t have done it without his love and support. Thank you honey!

Laura and I

And above all, I thank God for El Nido. I thank Him for entrusting me with this ministry. I LOVE what I do. I love that He put me in a ministry that I’m passionate about. I love seeing women draw themselves to Jesus. I love giving them wisdom on decisions in life. I have grown in my walk and trust in God. I have grown through the challenges along the way.

I look forward to what God has for El Nido in 2015.

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