Saturday, August 8, 2015

New Moves

About a year and a half ago, I had no idea what God had in store for the ministry of El Nido, the prenatal center. I just knew I wanted to start one. I had a passion for it. And I went for it. A year and half later, El Nido has grown and continues to grow. Word has gotten out that El Nido is a good place to go among the community of La Cuenca. The ladies have grown spiritually. They have found friends that are willing to listen and love them no matter what. Some of them are close to graduating from the program. It’s exciting to experience growth.

Children in La Cuenca

But along with this growth, I’ve realized several things. The biggest one is that in reality I have a “little church.” As they are being disciples by the counselors week to week they have established relationships that are meaningful to them. They beg to continue coming even after they graduate. They don’t want to leave! Praise the Lord!
One of our youngest clients


So what comes next? I’ve realized they need a community to be involved with. They need to meet more brothers and sisters that will nurture them and take them further in their journey of discipleship. So for that reason I’ve decided to move El Nido from Vida Net and give it to a church. Rey de Reyes Mennonite Church, in Heredia, has opened up it’s doors to welcome all 50 plus ladies! This is thrilling for me to pass on this ministry to national leaders. It was my goal in the first place!

Two weeks ago PVM received a couple of families that concentrated their outreach with El Nido. We packed, moved, painted, cleaned and sewed in order for El Nido to find its new home. After we were all done, it was beautiful!


Last week, the ladies came back! They love that it’s in a more central place. They like that it’s at a church. They feel at home. Now the prayer is that this will help them integrate with the local church. Just an interesting fact, some of them used to attend this particular church when they were children. It’s rewarding to know El Nido is bringing them back to God.

Me with Director for El Nido Guadalupe
So what am I going to do now? Don’t worry, I still have plenty to do! Vida Net is forming an association of El Nido’s. I am currently helping another El Nido get started at the Casa de Oracion Mennonite Church in Guadalupe. And I am also going to be helping El Carbon, Talamanca Mennonite Church get an El Nido started in their community! I am so excited to be planting more prenatal centers in Costa Rica. It is fulfilling to come alongside the church and give them tools on reaching out to their communities.

 I will also remain counseling the clients I have. I certainly don’t want to abandon them. This gives me a chance to gain more experience in counseling and to hold and love babies! I will begin as a facilitator for El Nido’s training and supporting them in ways I can. I am thrilled about this new roll.

Prayer Requests:

1.       New director of El Nido Heredia, Esmeralda

2.       Director of El Nido Guadalupe, Jessica

3.       Me, as I take on my new role.

4.       All the ladies involved in this ministry
5.    Finances would come in for the growth of this ministry 

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