Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Story of Michelle

As I listened to Michelle tell me her story, once again I found myself frozen. Michelle has been coming to El Nido for almost a year. As history is showing, it is taking about a year until the counselors hear a clients’ whole story. They feel a sense of relief once they’ve been able to get it all out. I’m so glad they feel safe enough to share their story.

Michelle was sexually abused at age 3. The memory she has of it was her mother giving her candy and chocolate so she wouldn’t tell children’s services. She continued to suffer sexual abuse as she grew up. Once she became a teenager she slept with so many men she doesn’t even know how many.  She thought maybe upwards to 100 men over several years. One man in his 50’s  would even pay her to have sex. She needed the money so she agreed. He did the same with her mother. Michelle  also looked to alcohol and drugs to dumb the pain she had.

Michelle got pregnant and had a little boy. Three years later she got pregnant again and had another little boy.

This is when El Nido came into her life. The first time I met her she was a shy, sad, and was so young.  I wondered how I could get her to talk, but quickly found out all I had to do is ask questions and she talked! She has come faithfully to El Nido, always does her homework and learns her memory verse.

I have seen Michelle become more confident, with a smile on her face, wanting to do what God wants her to do. In our last meeting she told me she wants to go to church and turn her life around. I was so happy!

This is God’s success story I am privileged to be a part of! And the best part is that God isn’t finished yet! Irene has so much to learn about God and needs a lot of healing in her life. I thank God for placing El Nido in the right place at the right time. His timing is perfect! 

-Written by permission of client. Name changed for confidentially purposes. 

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